[EDS 103] eJOURNAL ENTRY #4: Module 4

Module 4: Social Learning Theories


Models are used by artists as an essential part of the creative process to create a [visual] representation or materialize their thoughts and emotions. Usually, a model serves as the inspiration for a masterpiece. As humans, our actions and behaviors are mostly driven by the people we think are the most significant sources of inspiration to live in society. We all need someone, or a set of individuals, to look up to and dream of becoming one of them in the future or even in your next life. You know, something like that?

At first, it may feel awkward to copy someone else’s personality or character when responding to whatever life has to offer, but it will feel good right after! Observing a great figure or icon, then copying their actions or their ideologies, may help us to be a good person after all. Like how a globe or a map represents the Earth, we get a clearer vision of what we ought to become in the mere future!
In the early stage of the development of a child, the family serves as the primary role model in the child’s eye. With that, the child tends to imitate what the family members ought to do in front of the child. This is when adults should be careful with their actions and their words! As the saying goes by, “Charity begins at home.” Thus, a strong sense of responsibility must start from within oneself and the household. Sooner or later, they must learn how to apply it in a “real world” setting. Being exposed to the outside world might modify one’s behavior in many different ways. An individual will be exposed to various people coming from their own culture, socioeconomic class, etc. They will also get to know some artists on TV (news anchors, entertainers, and actors/actresses)! As they attend their classes, they would get to know some great philosophers as well. Whoever or whatever an individual encounters, it will impact that person’s several aspects of life. Nevertheless, the world is full of different people, and we can select a few to look up to based on our preferences, goals, and dreams! In conclusion, most of our behaviors were mainly imitations of the people’s actions that we have thoroughly observed from time to time.

(The attached photo shows our family pictures and a globe, both models and representation of something)


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