[EDS 113] Module 2

Module 2: Assessment Frameworks

Feedback Loop: The Key to a Meaningful Life

Half the world can accept criticism, and half can’t. We could create a better place if everyone is willing to listen to the feedback of the people around them, especially if you are a public servant. It is essential to recognize that we need to address the diversity of people and their needs. We need to accept that policies and programs need some revision to promote equality, equity, and social justice in home, school, workplace, and the world. We should try hard to avoid putting a person or a sector at a disadvantage by listening to the unheard individuals’ voices. We should utilize our human senses to observe, analyze, and realize the reality of the situation.
I love getting cool and warm feedbacks. Cool feedback is an expression of one’s admiration or approval of your output. On the other hand, warm feedback would point out the things to refine. Both could serve as a reference for my future works. I believe that we can all get better in time through criticisms—constructive or not. I always ask for everyone’s thoughts on my outputs. I think that everyone’s insights matter to gain confidence and even regain it once I feel lost. I love getting feedback from everyone around me, especially from someone who knows me very well. I know how to take feedback no matter how harsh it is but not to the point that I would have to romanticize the things pointed out. I would analyze and dissect the feedback and compare it to my self-assessment, which I often do. I always consider where one person’s feedback is coming from, whether it is conservative or progressive, subjective or objective, and such. Giving and receiving (constructive) criticism is not the end-all-be-all because you would have to absorb it very well, then act upon it. We should strive to better persons by reflecting on our thoughts and actions and then deciding what needs to be changed or adjusted for the common good. Hence, acknowledgment of feedbacks should manifest in one’s actions, don’t you agree?
I feel like I have become a better person than my yesterday self. There are times that I feel like my body is like a canvas, and the people around me would paint over me to create a masterpiece—still a work in progress. Sometimes, I feel like I am a thesis of a group of students that needs a major revision until ready to be presented to the panel with oozing confidence. It’s all thanks to the people, including myself, who compliment me for doing better and criticize me for improvement. A harsh yet honest opinion is always better than sugarcoated reality! Life is indeed full of bittersweet moments. Reality check: we choose to become bitter or better persons. I’d still choose the latter with no hesitations. How about you?

The power of giving and embracing feedback: it can either make someone bitter or better!

Illustrated by Johnmark Villanueva


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