[EDS 100] Module 0

Module 0: An Overview

I am a karma butterfly

Flower forget-me-nots between the stones
Paving this grave ground. Here’s honest rot
To unpick the elaborate heart, pare bone
Free of the fictive vein. When one stark skeleton
Bulks real, all saints’ tongues fall quiet:
Flies watch no resurrections in the sun.
— An excerpt from “November Graveyard” by Sylvia Plath

Looking back, I realized that I had constantly been changing over time in my 22 years of existence—may it be my needs and preferences in life, personally, emotionally, intellectually, and/or spiritually. Being exposed to the real-world setting and being exposed to reality, I can say that I have experienced paradigm shifts and changed the eyeglass lenses many times already. I have perceived the world from an elitist point-of-view to an egalitarian one as I have viewed the world from an abstract concept to a concrete picture through maturation, learning, and holistic development.
It took me years to realize that I should do the job of a chameleon to survive this cruel world of competition. With that, I found out that I am a butterfly still afraid to come out of my cocoon as I do not know yet what my majestic wings look like. I have learned to break away from the status quo, the standards, and the expectations set high by society. I have learned to treat everything merely as just a “social construct.” With the support, guidance, and love from my most incredible mentors, who served as my motivation and inspiration—my family, peers, high school teachers, and even random strangers. It took me a tremendous amount of time to gradually love myself, know myself, and establish who I really am and who I really want to become as a person. Right now, I feel so free—free from the voices inside my head, free from the destructive and antagonistic criticism from society. Everything feels so “ME.” I can confidently say that I already have found my color and vibe.
Like the butterfly effect concept, I have faced the consequences of my actions and learned from them by assessing myself, especially my development. I would always think at the end of the day if I did good deeds this day and if ever I did something wrong, “How do I address that?” and “How do I grow from that part?” I would always talk to myself verbally or through a diary to evaluate how I have been and check if I still am walking down the path I wanted from the beginning. Well, life really teaches human beings to become someone they never imagined to be. While walking down memory lane, I’ve also realized that life has made me vulnerable yet strong in mind, heart, and soul. Indeed, experience is the best teacher, even if it opts for the most painful way to teach you a lesson and snap out of it, then pick yourself and your pieces together up.


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