[EDS 103] eJOURNAL ENTRY #1: Module 1

Module 1: Perspectives and Conceptions About Learning

“learning is sick!” or “learning makes me sick!”

After going through all the learning materials that the FIC (faculty-in-charge) has provided, I have realized many things about learning as a  whole: from its process up to its application in a classroom. That learning has already come a long way from its traditional/conservative pedagogical approaches to what we have now–the modern/contemporary perspective. The developmental changes in the system of education are, mainly, due to the growing needs of the learners to learn. Also, the resources of information that pop out here and there. Thus, the learning materials must be able to suffice the growing demands of the world. 

Learning is an endless cycle in a human’s life. It may be through observations, experiments–trial and error–or experiences. But without any full comprehension of what “learning” means as a whole, we will not be able to execute it very well as educational practitioners. Thus, we won’t be any effective practitioners, then. Why? It is because it is the foundation of pedagogy.

Upon reflecting on my thoughts, I have learned that you cannot contain “learning” in the four corners of the room because you can learn more stuff outside of the box–the real world; into the new world. Learning must come with the eagerness (or willingness) to learn things. Thus, the pedagogy must be based on the preferences of the learners. Also, we have no standard definition of “learning“. Our definition of it is dependent on our philosophical perspectives, Everyone is thirsty to learn stuff in order to adapt and adopt in a “survival of the fittest” environment.

I am gonna leave you with this. Thank you and that is all!

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2 thoughts on “[EDS 103] eJOURNAL ENTRY #1: Module 1

  1. Sorry, that’s an awful introduction. What is FIC? What is the current setup and how did you come to write this entry? How did you even come up with your tag line “learning is sick / learning makes me sick”?

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    1. Good day! I guess you are not my classmate in this course. I am here to apologize with my poor writing skills and for the jargon that I have used in this post. “FIC” stands for “faculty-in-charge,” which is equivalent to a instructor/professor in a physical classroom in a college/university. We were asked to create a blog here and post entries that shall embody how we absorbed the information through the learning materials. The tagline popped into my head while going through the learning materials. I have realized that learning should be well-fitted to a learner’s preference for them to have a healthy mind, body and soul–without cursing the education and its system.


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